Book Review:
"The 1938 Tube Stock"
Piers Connor
(Capital Transport, 1989)
120 pages, monochrome and colour plates
ISBN: 1-85414-115-5
Book Cover

Perhaps the definitive work on these remarkable trains, this book traces the history of the 1938 stock from long before the first one was ever built (featuring a look at the prototype 1935 stock and the streamlined prototypes) right through to post withdrawal - the operations on the Isle of Wight, the preserved cars and the departmental cars!  The cars are pictured at various stages in their 50-year lives, inside and out, and a few diagrams compliment these.  
The text is well presented, informative with many tables of reference, and relates the trains' performance to the requirements of the service - both from the customer and from the government's points of view!  The chapters cover "Design," "The War Years," "Post-War Years," "Design changes and experiments," "The Intermediate years," "The Questions of Replacement," "The Beginning of the End" and "The Phoenix."  There is also an appendix of stock dimensions and numbering.

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