Video Review:
Bakerloo to Stanmore and Watford.
J&K Video, 2000
Video Cover

This is a video that caught our attention because it shows 1938 stock on the front cover, and because our model usually shows Stanmore as a destination!  The program is, as the title suggests, a study of the Bakerloo routes and services to Stanmore (previously a Metropolitan terminus and now Jubilee) and Watford (no Underground service at all now, trains travelling no further north than Harrow & Wealdstone).  Many scenes feature 1938 stock as these were indeed the mainstay of the Bakerloo line in the years covered, but there are many scenes with 1959 and 1972 (Mk.2) stock also. 
And to add a bit of variety, there are plenty of BR trains in Blue/Grey (or just plain Blue in some cases), mostly class 501 units which shared some of the route mileage on the same rails, and Inter City trains, which ran along lines adjacent to the Tube lines.  The narration is informative, though very clearly read from printed matter!

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