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Miniature Railways

Acton Miniature Railway This 7¼" gauge railway is situated in the grounds of London's Transport Museum's Depot in Acton and operates during open weekends at the depot.
The LRT is a regular visitor to this line and many Friends of the LRT have helped in its construction, maintenance and operation.
The Great Cockcrow Railway A large miniature railway near Chertsey, Surrey.
Adrian and Daniel are both members of the GCR's Signal and Telecoms department.
Spinney Light Railway The LRT is a regular guest at this privately run railway.
Sharpo's Miniature World A large collection of photos, taken at miniature railways all around the UK.
Compass House Model Engineering Supplier of 5" gauge and 7¼" gauge locomotives and rolling stock, along with a large selection of model engineering supplies and accessories. The motors and gears for the 1938 stock were all purchased from Compass House.
Evergreens Miniature Railway A portable miniature railway in the North East (permanent layout, but see 'other events') near Boston (A16).

London Underground

London's Transport Museum The museum owns a large collection of London Underground stock, including a four car train of 1938 stock.
London Underground - Official Site The official site of London Underground, with maps, news, service updates etc.
London Underground Railway Society The LURS is dedicated to the study of London's Underground railways. They hold regular meetings and organise visits to related places of interest.
Clive's Underground Line Guides Detailed historical and technical information about London's Underground and light railways.
Tubeprune Tube Professionals' RUmour NEtwork - Detailed technical information about the London Underground, and accounts from those that work on it.
Daniel Hill's Photos Photo gallery including London Underground, the preserved 1938 Stock and Sarah Siddons.
Matthew Scrutton's Photographs Friend of the LRT's photo-website, LT themed (Mainly), and includes his 5" gauge Metrovick.
Stephen Trower's Photographs Friend of the LRT's photo website, including photos of the LRT and Acton Miniature Railway.
Metromodels Supplier of smaller scale models of London Underground trains!
Radley Models Supplier of smaller scale London Transport models. (Recommended)
Anorak Heaven Lots of London Underground photos, particularly focused on signal cabins and control rooms. The site also includes photos of LU rolling stock (including 1938 tube stock).
Going Underground Interesting site with games, facts, LU announcements, and more!

Other Railways

Adnalms Järnvägsklubb The website of the FLMJ; Adrian's HO scale Swedish garden railway, and AJK; the club that maintains and operates it.
RailServe Large directory of railway related websites.

Organisations that we have supported

Down Syndrome Extra 21 An organisation providing support for and information on Down syndrome in the Greater London and Essex area.
1st Hook Scout Group The LRT has visited the group's Summer Fayre every year since 2005.
Walton Firs Scout Camp The LRT visited this scout camp for their 100 Years of Scouting celebration in August 2007.
Scouts (Main Website) The LRT appears at several Scout events each year.
Friends of Slip End Lower School The LRT visited the school's Summer Fete in June 2007.
Ashford Park Primary School The LRT visited the school's Summer Fete in June 2008.
Knowl Hill School The LRT visited the school's Summer Fari in June 2008.
West London Line Group The LRT supported the West London Line Group at the Brompton Cemetary open day in 2008.


PHVC Vehicle Management A company from whom the LRT purchased the minibus that we now use for all events.
Gizmogle's Photos Photos from a regular guest at LRT events, includes photos of the LRT along with general railway photos from around the country.
Rainbow Coloured The website of Fred Blois; the LRT's builder.
Contains information about the achievements of Sir Malcolm Campbell, his son Donald, and the K7 Bluebird Hydroplane.

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