Video Review:
London's Lost Underground trains.
Online Video, 2002.
Video Cover

Here's a video that features the prototypes of both of our models!
The 1938 stock is shown on a number of lines including the depot at Stanmore when this station was part of the Bakerloo line.  (Stanmore is one of the destinations shown on our model.)  However, Drayton Park is also shown during 38-stock days, and a brief view of these units operating on the East London line.  There are several shots of the 3-car sets running with the addition of a 'standard' car; noticeable by the different profile.  Towards the end of the program, some of the 1935 stock is shown.  The 1935 stock served as the prototype for the 1938 stock and in the views shown, they have been cut down to two-car sets - but with the addition of a 'standard' stock trailer!
The "Ginny" is shown in great detail - great at least for such a short line!  The footage here includes a cab ride and a look at trains passing by (at South Acton) on what is now the North London line. 
Whilst at Acton Town, the 'new' aluminium 1956 stock is seen on demonstration runs - the start of the end of the red livery!
In addition to these two particular trains, there are views of various steam locomotives in operation, as well as Metropolitan electric locomotives, and stock of types 'F,' 'O,' 'P,' 'T,' 'Q23' and more...! 
All of this is neatly presented in one hour, narrated by Jim Connor of the "London Railway Record."

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