Video Review:
London Underground's Q Stock Remembered.
J&K Video, 2001.
Video Cover

The Q Stock is quite an assortment of bodyshapes, and was amalgamation of types G, K, L, M and N!  Our model of the "Ginny" is known as G or Q23 Stock!  (Q stock built in 1923 - the former G Stock - became Q23.)  Some trailers were rebuilt to run with CO/CP Stock and others with R Stock.  However, it was for the views of the "Ginny" running between Acton Town and South Acton, that we were interested in this video; but the views are considerably less than on the "London's Lost Underground trains" video (also reviewed)! 
There are also views of other trains in service, including the classic CO/CP Stock, the R Stock, new C Stock (still in service today) and more.  Much of this program was filmed by the late Bob Greenway, who was also involved with the restoration of trailer car 08063, and presumably for this reason, some of the proceeds from the sale of this video are donated to London's Transport Museum for the restoration of a train of Q Stock!  The narration is pretty good, explaining all the different types especially, but it is rather 'rushed' in some areas, especially the first ten minutes or so.  Some authentic sound has been added to the original film, and although this is always a risky business, it goes down pretty well.

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