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Fred Blois produced newsletters titled 'Tube & Tunnel' to keep interested parties updated with news of the 1938 stock.
We had decided to carry on the tradition (and the number sequence) and issues were published on this website in PDF format (as seen below). However, following the demise of portable track events, there didn't seem any point in continuing. This website will continue to be updated, but hard-copy news will be added to "Cut & Cover," produced by the Acton Miniature Railway.

Tube & Tunnel, Issue 23
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Previous Editions

Edition 22 (Autumn/Winter 2009/10) (350KB)
Edition 21 (Spring/Summer 2009) (400KB)
Edition 20 (Autumn/Winter 2008/9) (260KB)
Edition 19 (Spring/Summer 2008) (290KB)
Edition 18 (Autumn/Winter 2007) (297KB)
Edition 17 (Spring/Summer 2007) (297KB)
Edition 16 (Autumn/Winter 2006/7) (297KB)
Edition 15 (Spring/Summer 2006) (297KB)
Edition 14 (Autumn/Winter 2005) (213KB)
Edition 13 (Spring/Summer 2005) (206KB)
Edition 12 (Autumn/Winter 2004) (310KB)
Edition 11 (Autumn/Winter 2003) (310KB)

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